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Temptation Becomes His New Hell...

Chained to a demon queen for hundreds of years, fallen angel Ramiel has given up on his brothers and sisters – and humanity.

He has seven days away from hell to replenish his power and that’s all he cares about – right up until his meeting with the much too innocent Kyria.

He fell for that act before and it landed him in hell, he won’t be making that mistake again.

To save her sick father, Kyria knows she must find Ramiel. He’s dark, brooding and
everything Kyria should be scared of, but the haunted look in his eyes makes her think there’s more to him. The tattoos and chains don’t frighten her either, but the connection she has with him does. When strange creatures attack her, Ramiel steps in to protect her.

Ramiel believes he’s reluctantly helping Kyria, but what neither of them knows is that she may be the one to save them all...

Unchained Desire is a paranormal romance book, featuring Ramiel, an angel with a chip on his shoulder and the innocent Kyria, desperate to save her father.


Reviews of Unchained Desire

Elaine G.

This was a very interesting story... you had to read the story and make sure Ramiel and Kyria got their happy ending.

Bev H.

Wow! This book was such an intense and emotional read, I loved it.

There were so many characters in this story, but they all fit in without being overwhelming. I also felt that the plot was the right amount of suspense. Looking forward to the next installment in this series.

Heather A.

Ram really has a soft spot for his woman, “you’re breaking my heart." He cupped her cheek.  "Nothing you could ever do would disappoint me.”

I liked this book, I liked Ram.