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Unchained Desire Excerpt


Ten hours since Ramiel’s release from hell and he still couldn’t summon the energy to get business done. Seven days every month — that was all the time he had to restore what was left of his holy essence before the demon that held him captive dragged him back. The chain attached to his wrist pulled on the iron collar around his neck as he ran his hand through his freshly cut hair. These brief tastes of freedom were allowed for one reason.


So, he sat in the dimly lit bar, a scarred gargoyle amid the beautifully ignorant, a weed among roses. A fallen angel. Why don’t you just write a fucking haiku?

The empty beer bottle spun under his fingers, emitting a deep ominous whistle as his prisoner chains rattled. This place pulled in a wide range of humanity, from stoners to yuppies. All their needs and desires hummed through him.

He craved peace and quiet. Unfortunately, he needed to feed. As he took the first step from his dark corner, the door opened and slammed against the wall from the fierce wind that had picked up outside. A gust of sleet drove into the room, causing the people nearby to yell at the newcomer to shut the door.

A female.

The foul odors of sin and debauchery, he was used to, but the new female brought the polar opposite. She appeared lost and innocent, hands clenched together with white knuckles. A low curse tumbled from his lips. He’d seen that look before, and he would not fall for it a second time. And yet, just as the chain that shackled his wrist to his neck kept him locked to his demon princess, he couldn’t look away.

She approached the closest waitress. As one, they turned. The traitorous server pointed. A deep scowl pulled his brow down as the tall female wove her way straight toward him. This can’t be good.

She pushed the hood of her white coat from her face. His lungs seized. A pure light radiated from her. He half expected to see a fucking halo on her, glimmering above her head, or hear a choir singing her name. Everything sweet and honest, all the same crap he thought he was protecting in another lifetime. The iron around his neck and wrist was proof of his stupidity. He did a quick read on her but couldn’t pick up an emotion or thought. Suspicion brewed in his chest.

“Ramiel?” Sweet and gentle, her voice drowned out the ugly noise of the bar.

He stood over her, not moving, just staring.

She licked her lips. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear she was nervous. Oh, she’s good.

“I’m Kyria. I need your help.”

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