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FREE ebook!!

Due to the current social distancing climate, my publishers at Entangled have decided to put a lot of their books on sale to ease the burden of self-isolation for our readers out there. They’ve done an amazing 99¢ discount on the entire category imprints, and the first book in all single title series is now for FREE.

For us…that means UNCHAINED DESIRE is now FREE to download on most digital formats!

  • Entangled Publishing Website:
  • Amazon:
  • Barnes & Noble:
  • Walmart ebook (who knew??):

It’s the largest sale they’ve ever done in hopes that it gives readers an opportunity to try out new authors as well as sooth feelings of isolation without adding too much to anyone’s economic burdens.

While one could argue demand is higher right now and so the prices should remain high, Entangled doesn’t believe in profiting off the misfortune of others. So we hope you sit back, relax, and enjoy a bit of fun and escape with Ramiel and Kyria. And always remember…

“Kindness brings it’s own rewards.” 

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