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“20 random FACTS about yourself that may surprise people.”

aka a post we saw on Facebook that looked like fun: by Jolie de la Cruz and Storm Navarro

1. Do you make your bed every day?
Jolie: Of course!
Storm: Lol no

2. What’s your favorite number?
Jolie: Anything but 9! I like whole, rounded numbers 🙂
Storm: 19 lol

3. What’s your dream job?
Jolie: Writing full time!
Storm: Writing. And being paid to play with puppies. They don’t judge me.

4. If you could, would you go back to school?
Jolie: Yes. I love learning.
Storm: I’m still in school actually! I’m getting my Masters in fiction writing.

5. Can you parallel park?
Jolie: I do my best.
Storm: I pretend I can and avoid it at all cost.

6. A job you had which people would be shocked you once held?
Jolie: Maintaining horse stables a loooooooong time ago.
Storm: Retail probably. Everyone knows my customer service skills are…not good. (Fortunately it was an online store lol)

7. Do you think aliens are real?
Jolie: I try not to think about it.
Storm: Yeeeeeeees. If they aren’t…that’d be such a waste of space.

8. Can you drive a stick shift?
Jolie: I think so. It’s been a very long time.
Storm: I’m a millennial. We can barely do anything.

9. Guilty pleasure?
Jolie: Mcdonalds french fries. I know! Horrible.
Storm: Disaster movies

10. Tattoos?
Jolie: Nope!
Storm: Four 🙂

11. Favorite color?
Jolie: All of them! I love a good iridescent rainbow moment. (Purple if I had to choose just one)
Storm: Green

12. Things people do that drive you insane?
Jolie: Slurping and loud chewing.
Storm: Kissy noises. Eugh. Or the sound of people arguing.

13. Phobia/fears?
Jolie: Scorpions and spiders! Or losing control in any situation. That’s terrifying.
Storm: Monkeys, or being buried alive. Like when I go to the beach, I’m always scared I’m gonna be digging in the sand and suddenly fall into a sink hole and suffocate!

14. Favorite childhood game?
Jolie: Monopoly!
Storm: Something like Pictionary. It’s hilarious seeing everyone’s “drawing skills” lmao.

15. Do you talk to yourself?
Jolie: Only when no one else is there.
Storm: Of course I do. I’m hilarious.

16. What story do you adore?
Jolie: Anything with romance and a happy ending 🙂
Storm: Anything Hamlet themed. Lion King is one of my favorite movies. I loved Sons of Anarchy too.

17. Do you like doing puzzles?
Jolie: Yes! And I like to finish them first. I’m very competitive and I like a challenge.
Storm: Hell, I could spend hours on a jig saw puzzle. It’s very relaxing to me.

18. Favorite music?
Jolie: Depends on what mood I’m in. I love dancing and using different music to help write different scenes in my stories.
Storm: I love all music genres. Rap/hip hop, pop, rock, country, folk. You name it. Maybe not polka. Evanescence is my jam right now.

19. Tea or coffee?
Jolie: Tea! I love a good tall glass of sweet iced tea. Hot tea is good too when the weather gets cold.
Storm: I feel bad saying neither, but it’s true. I like water.

20. The first thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up?
Jolie: Some type of artist. I guess I got my wish!
Storm: A firefighter for some reason. It’s such a bad ass job, and I’m honored to know a few volunteers. Thanks you guys.

And that concludes our list. Thanks for reading this far! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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